Andreas La Monica and Antonine Bucherre. Camera Screenshot: Amancio Tomé / Guillermo Carandini.
Click to see a rehearsal of the Frida Kahlo project.


Frida Kahlo Project
As part of her Art Movie 'Shit Happens' about Frida Kahlo, the Spanish painter and sculptor Lita
Cabellut asked Mirella Simoncini to visualize the story behind two of her Frida Kahlo Paintings
in Dance. The movie was presented at the Opera Gallery in London.

PICTURES below: A Tribute to Frida Kahlo 'Shit Happens'.
Movie by: Lita Cabellut
Choreography: Mirella Simoncini
Dancers: Antonine Bucherre (Frida), 
Andreas La Monica (Death), Marta Tkaczyk (Life).
Wardrobe design: Lois Louisiana

Behind the scenes: Rehearsal Frida Kahlo project Click...

Fight life and death
No fear
Seduced by Death